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Vijayanand Review: On December 9, 2022, the biopic Vijayanand, based on the life of Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar, was released in Kannada and other major languages. We all know that moviegoers enjoy a good tale, so let’s dive straight into the review to see whether or not this film is worth viewing.

Vijayanand Review


Nihal portrays 19-year-old Vijay Sankeshwar, who leaves his family and moves to Gadag, a small city in North Karnataka. In spite of the obstacles, he decided to start a transportation business with a single vehicle. The climax of Vijayanand’s story is how he overcame obstacles to amass a fleet of 4,300 vehicles.

Cast & Crew

Anish Kuruvilla, V. Ravichandran, Nihal, Shri Anant Nag, Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Ramesh Bhat, Dayal Padmanabhan, Shine Shetty, and Archana Cottage are just a few examples. Anand Sankeshwar produced the film, which was directed by Rishika Sharma and filmed by Keertan Poojary and Gopi Sundar.

Movie Name Vijayanand
Director Rishika Sharma
Music Director Gopi Sundar
Producer Anand Sankeshwar
Genre Biographical Drama
Cast Shri Anant Nag, Nihal, Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Prakash Belwadi, V Ravichandran, Anish Kuruvilla, Ramesh Bhat, Dayal Padmanabhan, Shine Shetty, and Archana Cottage
Cinematography Keertan Poojary

Movie Verdict

Throughout the years, we have witnessed numerous biopics in which a man with lofty ambitions uproots his life and moves to the big city, where he faces adversity and hardship on his way to becoming a powerful leader and tycoon. Before delving into Vijay Sankeshwar’s life story, this biopic’s unconventional screenplay captivates the viewer with a captivating account of his accomplishments. The plot is rather ordinary, but the setting and atmosphere are what hold your attention.

The story begins in the second half, when Vijay Sankeshwar begins competing for the attention of others. The most significant issue with the video is that the sequences are poorly synchronised, giving the impression that the producers are only capturing random images rather than attempting to construct a story. The director did an excellent job of illustrating how the greed and politics of other entrepreneurs contributed to his collapse, but a couple critical scenes lack passion and emotion. The film could have been far better if it had the appropriate amount of emotion and had been positioned in the second half. Nonetheless, the film has redeeming features that will appeal to a specific type of viewer.

The rest of the cast performs admirably, led by Ananth Nag’s convincing performance as Vijay Sankeshwar’s father. Archana Cottage has her moments as well. Unfortunately, Nihal’s portrayal of Vijay Sankeshwar is insufficiently convincing for the viewer to believe in him. Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Prakash Belwadi, V Ravichandran, Anish Kuruvilla, Ramesh Bhat, Dayal Padmanabhan, and Shine Shetty all performed admirably in their respective roles.

Director Rishika Sharma deserves praise for kindling audiences’ imaginations by sharing this little-known narrative. Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar, who received the Padma Shri, also has a fascinating and inspiring past. To elicit an emotional response from the audience when adapting a genuine story for a film, the director must, nevertheless, exercise artistic licence. In the film, Rishika Sharam took a few too many artistic liberties; for instance, several scenes are excessively stylized and marketed to the audience’s sense of humor. She did, however, manage to pique some of their interest.

Vijayanand is technically sound, with the exception of a few VFX issues. Keertan Poojary’s cinematography, lighting, and framing immediately immerse the audience in Vijayanand’s universe and propel them through the plot. The songs may have been popular in Kannada, but their Telugu translations lacked the required gravitas. However, his performance was remarkable, and the remainder of Vijayanand is a well-written biography.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Art Desing
  • Background Score

Minus Points:

  • Predictable Scenes
  • Over Board Cinematic Liberties
  • Lacks the Emotion

Rating: 2.75/5

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