Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2022 Complete Listing

Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2022: The story of a movie has everything to do with how well it does or doesn’t do at the box office. Movies that do well even after getting bad reviews are more likely to do well than ones that don’t. Even though Tollywood gets a lot of bad press, there have been some big hits, but this usually only happens with well-known actors. Whether or not a Telugu movie is a hit or a flop is based on how well it does at the box office, how much money it makes back, and how popular it was before it came out.

Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2022

Tollywood movies with big names like Mahesh Babu, NTR, Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, and Nani are popular all over the world. No matter what people say, movies with these actors are more likely to do well. Because of this, a lot of big production companies will want to book their dates as soon as possible. Tier 2 and Tier 3 stars in Telugu movies make all of their money from the story and other commercial elements. Here is a full list of both the best and worst Telugu movies of 2022.

Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2022 Complete Listing

The Indian film industry has had a lot of Super Hits and Blockbusters in 2022. There’s no doubt that 2022 will be a good year for Telugu movies, but the pandemic has made it hard to release new movies. Even though movies like Akhanda and Pushpa have shown that movies are the best source of entertainment.

Movie Name Box Office Collection Hit or Flop?
Khiladi 11.3 Crore Average
DJ Tillu 14.8 Crore Super Hit
Bangarraju 64.9 Crore Hit
Pushpa 365 Crore Super Hit
Rowdy Boys 7 Crore Flop
Hero 4 Crore Flop
Arjuna Phalguna 3 Crore Flop
Shyama Singha Roy 50.06 Crore Hit
Spiderman 215.88 Crore Super Hit
Akhanda 124.45 Crore Super Hit

Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2022 Complete Listing

There have been a lot of Super Hits and Blockbusters in Tollywood in 2022. There’s no doubt that 2022 will be a good year for Telugu movies, but the pandemic has made it harder to release new movies. Movies like Krack, RED, and Master, as well as Uppena, Jathi Ratna, Naandhi, and A1 Express, show that movies are the best way to have fun.

Movie Name Box Office Collection Hit or Flop?
Republic Rs.16 CR+ Super Hit
Love Story Rs.27 Cr + Super Hit
Gully Rowdy Rs.3 Cr + Flop
Vijaya Raghavan Rs.11 Cr + Super Hit
Maestro NA HIT
Seetimaarr Rs.12 Cr (Est) Super Hit
Jathiya Rahadari Rs.0.20 Cr (+ or -) Flop
Thalaivii Rs.2 Cr (Est) Flop
Laabam Rs.2 Cr (Est) Flop
Tuck Jagadish NA OK OK
Dear Megha Rs.0.40 Cr Flop
Nootokka Jillala Andagadu Rs.1.2 Cr Flop
Sridevi Soda Center Rs.3 CR+ Clean Hit
Ichata Vahanamulu Naluparadu Rs.1 CR+ OK OK
Raja Raja Chora Rs.4 Cr + (5 Days) Super Hit
Paagal Rs.6 Cr + Clean Hit
SR Kalyanamandapam Rs.7.5 Cr Super Hit
Thimmarusu Rs.3 Cr Clean Hit
Ishq: Not A Love Story Rs.2 Cr Flop
Ek Mini Katha NA NA
RGV Deyyam Rs.1 Cr – Flop
Vakeel Saab Rs.90 Cr Hit
Wild Dog Rs.10 Cr Hit
Sulthan Rs.30 Cr Super Hit
Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Rs.3 Cr Flop
A1 Express Rs.5 Cr Hit
Mosagallu Rs.2 Cr Disaster
Sashi Rs.1 Cr Disaster
Rang De Rs.13 Cr Flop
Aranya Rs.3 Cr Flop
Thellavarithe Guruvaram Rs.1 Cr Disaster
Sreekaram Rs.07 Cr Flop
Jathi Ratnalu Rs.45 Cr Blockbuster
Gaali Sampath Rs.3 Cr Flop
Roberrt Rs.20 Cr Hit
Krack Rs.36 Cr Super Hit
Master Rs.135 Cr Blockbuster
RED Rs.25 Cr Super Hit
Alludu Adhurs Rs.07 Cr Flop
Bangaru Bullodu Rs.01 Cr Flop
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela Rs.06 Cr Super Hit
Zombie Reddy Rs.15 Cr Hit
Uppena Rs.45 Cr Blockbuster
FCUK Rs.1 Cr Disaster
Naandhi Rs.7 Cr Super Hit
Pogaru Rs.22 Cr Flop
Chakra Rs.11 Cr Flop
Kapatadhaari Rs.1 Cr Disaster
Check Rs.10 Cr Flop
Akshara Rs.1 Cr Flop

Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2020

Movie Name Box Office Collection Hit or Flop?
Darbar 15 Cr (Telugu) Average
Sarileru Neekevvaru 132 Cr Super Hit
Ala Vaikunthapurramloo 160 Cr Blockbuster
Entha Manchivaadavuraa 4 Cr Flop
Disco Raja 7 Cr Flop
Aswathama 5 Cr Flop
Choosi Choodangane 1 Cr Flop
Jaanu 15 Cr Average
Stalin Andaivadu 1 Cr Flop
3 Monkeys 1 Cr Flop
Oka Chinna Viramam 1 Cr Flop
Life Anubavinchu Raja 1 Cr Flop
World Famous Lover 10 Cr Flop
Pressure Cooker 1 Cr Flop
Bheeshma 25 Cr Super Hit
Raahu 1 Cr Average
Valayam 1 Cr Flop
HIT 12 Cr Super Hit
kanulu KanulanuDhochaayante 2 Cr Average
O Pitta Katha 2.5 Cr Super Hit
Palasa 1978 5 Cr Super Hit
Madha 2 Cr Super Hit
UMUR 4 Cr Hit
Johaar 2 Cr Hit
Bucchi Naidu Kandriga 1 Cr Hit
Nani’s “V” 31 Cr Hit
Amaram Akhilam Prema 1.5 Cr Hit
Orey Bujjiga 3 Cr Hit
Nishabdham 25 Cr Hit
Aakasham Nee Haddhu Ra 40 Cr Blockbuster
Solo Brathuke So Better 11 Cr Super Hit

Telugu Movies All Time Industry Hits Till 2022

All-Time Industry Hits are just movies in a certain language that have made more money than any other movie in that language. Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo has done better at the box office in many parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana than Bahubali 1 and 2.

All-Time Industry Hits Year Collection Lead Actor Director
Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo 2020 160.92Cr. Allu Arjun Trivikram Srinivas
Bahubali The Conclusion(Telugu) 2018 316.92Cr. Prabhas SS Rajamouli
Bahubali The Beginning(Telugu) 2015 182.56Cr. Prabhas SS Rajamouli
Attarinitiki Daredi 2013 75.91Cr. Pawan Kalyan Trivikram Srinivas
Magadheera(Telugu) 2009 74.81Cr. Ram Charan SS Rajamouli
Pokiri 2006 70.00Cr. Mahesh Babu Puri Jagannadh
Simhadri 2003 46.00Cr. NTR SS Rajamouli
Indra 2002 33.00Cr. Chiranjeevi B. Gopal
Narasimha Naidu 2001 30.00Cr. Balakrishna B. Gopal
Khushi 2001 24.00Cr. Pawan Kalyan S J Suryah
Samarasimha Reddy 1999 16.00Cr. Balakrishna B. Gopal
Pedarayudu 1995 12.00Cr. Mohan Babu Ravi Raja Pinisetty
Bobbili Simham 1994 11.00Cr. Balakrishna A. Kodandarami Reddy
Gharana Mogudu 1992 10.00Cr. Chiranjeevi Raghavendra Rao
Chanti 1992 9.00Cr. Venkatesh Ravi Raja Pinisetty
Gang Leader 1991 7.00Cr. Chiranjeevi Vijaya Bapineedu
Jagadeka Veerudu 1990 6.00Cr. Chiranjeevi Raghavendra Rao
Shiva 1990 3.00Cr. Nagarjuna Ram Gopal Varma
Muddula Mavayya 1989 5.50Cr. Balakrishna Kodi Ramakrishna
Atthaku Yamudu 1989 5.25Cr. Chiranjeevi Kodandarami Reddy
Yamudiki Mogudu 1988 5.00Cr. Chiranjeevi Ravi Raja Pinisetty
Pasivadi Pranam 1987 4.50Cr. Chiranjeevi Kodandarami Reddy
Khaidi 1983 4.00Cr. Chiranjeevi Kodandarami Reddy
Premabhishekam 1981 3.50Cr. ANR Dasari Narayana Rao
Adavi Ramudu 1977 3.00Cr. NTR B.Gopal
Alluri Seetharamaraju 1974 2.00Cr. Krishna V. Ramachandra Rao
Dasara Bullodu 1971 1.50Cr. ANR V. Rajendra Prasad
Lavakusha 1963 1.00Cr. NTR C. Pullaiah, C. S. Rao
Mayabazar 1957 0.75Cr. NTR, ANR, SVR KV Reddy
Rojulu Marayi 1955 ANR Tapi Chanakya
Devadasu 1953 ANR Vedantam Raghavaiah
Pathala Bhairavi 1951 NTR, SVR K.V. Reddy
Keelugurram 1949 ANR Raja Saheb
Gunasundari 1949 Kasturi Siva Rao Kamalakara Kameswara Rao
Baalaraju 1948 ANR Ghantasala Balaramayya
Thyagayya 1943 J.V. Somayajulu Bapu
Bhakta Pothana 1942 Chiththooru Nagayya K. V. Reddy
Maalapilla 1938 Govindarajula Subbarao Gudavalli Ramabrahmam
Bhakta Prahlada 1931 25000 Munipalle Subbayya Chitrapu Narayana Rao

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