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Sardar Movie Review: Following the success of PS-1, Karthi is working on a new film titled “Sardar.” P.S. Mithran, director of Irumba Thurai (Tamil) and Abhimanyudu (Telugu), is behind the camera for this film. As a result, when the filmmakers published the trailer, hopes soared. Now that the movie is out, let’s see if it lives up to the expectations.

Sardar Movie Review:


Vijay Prakash (Karthi), a cop who seeks attention, will go to any length to obtain it and become famous. The main twist happens when a critical file from Andhra University that includes old military secrets goes missing. Vijay Prakash wanted to locate the material before RAW intelligence in order to gain popularity throughout India due to his phobia of attention seekers. Vijay Prakash learned about his father Sardar and his goal while looking for the file. The remainder of the article describes Vijay Prakash’s involvement in the mission and its objective.

Cast & Crew

Along with Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey, who is making his Kollywood debut, Simran, Munishkanth, and Murali Sharma, as well as Rajisha Vijayan of Jai Bhim fame, Raashikhanna and Karthi play important roles in the film. P.S. Mithran’s first two films were Irumbu Thirai and Hero. George V. Williams wrote and directed the film, which also had music by GV. Prakash Kumar and production by S. Lakshaman Kumar.

Movie Name Ginna
Director Suryah
Music Director Anoop Rubens
Producer Manchu Vishnu
Genre Horror-Comedy
Cast Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore, Saddam, and Naresh
Cinematography Chota K. Naidu

 Movie Verdict

P.S. Mithran is one of Indian cinema’s best and most unique directors, and we all know how much of an impression he created with his first film, the Telugu blockbuster Abhimanyudu. He is without a doubt India’s first director to expose bank and digital fraud, yet his current film, Sardar, has little to do with his first.

The film begins with an intriguing scenario that retains the viewer’s attention throughout the film. Though there are a few shortcomings in the picture, the non-linear narrative and engaging moments keep the audience riveted to their seats from beginning to end. The film is a rooted spy narrative with all the components to connect every viewer segment.

The pace of the second half slows somewhat when the flashback begins, but swiftly picks up again until the conclusion. The first half included a bawdy plot.
Despite a few dull parts, the film contains everything necessary to maintain viewers’ attention. It also has the right amount of drama and heartbreaking moments, particularly during the action and investigative scenes that draw you into Sardar’s world and leave you satisfied.

Raasi Khanna did well in the lawyer part with no space for performance, Malayali actress Rajisha Vijayan did a great job since her character has few layers and she depicted them so well, Chunky Pandey is nice, and the rest of the actors did well according to their character. Karthi has played both the Father and the Son, and he has done so with ease. His various get-ups, in particular, should be admired.

The plot is pretty interesting, illustrating how a spy loses his life for the country and no one talks about him or his bravery in return, and all of these topics are covered so beautifully in the film. P.S. Mithran was able to keep the audience’s attention since we can see his writing genius and he successfully transformed onto the screen.

Sardar’s technical presentation is great, with the exception of a few VFX moments. The cinematography by George C. Williams is a highlight of the film, as are the colour tones and grading. GV Prakash Kumar’s music never disappoints, yet the Telugu songs fell flat due to the Tamil flavour. He made his mark, though, with the BGM, which truly raised several passages. The remainder of the technical departments did admirably. Overall, Sardar is a grounded spy film that appeals to all audience segments.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Karthi Performance


Minus Points:

  • In the second half few scenes
  • Tamil Flavour

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