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Prince Telugu Movie Review: The Telugu versions of Sivakarthikeyan’s previous films, “Doctor” and “College Don,” were unexpected box office successes for the filmmakers and distributors. Following these hit flicks, he collaborated with Telugu filmmaker Anudeep of “Jaathiratnalu” fame. Sivekarthikeyan stars in the recently released film “Prince,” directed by Anudeep. Let’s take a closer look at this film to see if Sivakarthikeya’s comic timing fits the comedy bits written by Anudeep and if the pair succeeded in getting theatregoers laugh out loud.

Prince Telugu Movie Review


Anand works as a teacher at a local school. He falls in love with Jessica, a young British woman who works as an English teacher at the same school as him. As they face the most important decision of their lives—whether or not to marry—issues arise as a result of his efforts to win her over. The remaining of the story is devoted to Anand’s efforts to win his love.

Cast & Crew

The cast of the Prince film includes Sivakarthikeyan, Maria Riaboshapka, Sathyaraj, Premgi Amaren, Anandraj, and more performers. Suniel Narang, D Suresh Babu, and Puskur Ram Mohan Rao produced the film, which was written and directed by Anudeep KV. The cinematography is handled by Manoj Paramahamsa, and the music is handled by Thaman S.

Movie Name Prince
Director Anudeep KV
Music Director Thaman S
Producer Suniel Narang, D Suresh Babu, Puskur Ram Mohan Rao
Genre Romantic Comedy
Cast Sivakarthikeyan, Maria Riaboshapka, Sathyaraj, Premgi Amaren, Anandraj
Cinematography Manoj Paramahamsa

Movie Verdict

While seeing the film Prince should be performed without any previous thoughts or expectations. This film lacks a compelling plot or conflict that might hold the audience’s attention in any way. The majority of the moments are amusing, but that won’t be enough to keep people interested in theatres because they will become tired of hearing the same one-liners by the end of the film.

A few of the love scenes in the first half were wonderfully written, expertly done, and even had a touch of comedy thrown in, but the conflict created by the love story and the scenes that follow it appear so ludicrous that you’re left scratching your head. The comic moments are minimal, and the film ends with no lasting impact.

When it comes to acting, Sivakarthikeyan is as entertaining as ever, and he did his best to carry the film on his shoulders with his hilarious timing. The film has a number of odd sequences, but Sivakarthikeya’s acting ability allows him to mask them. Maria Riaboshapka had an adequate performance while appearing lovely on television. It’s fun to watch her dance to the Indian mass numbers in the songs. Satyaraj was competent to some extent, but he appeared over the top at times. Premgi Amaren is fine, and all of the other actors played the roles that were required for the plot.

Prince appears to have acceptable technical quality. Except for “Jessica,” none of Thaman’s songs are particularly good. The background music is also quite loud in several scenes. Despite the fact that Manoj Paramahamsa is one of India’s top cinematographers, Prince doesn’t appear to be visually appealing, and the majority of the frames are too saturated with colour. The editing of the film may have been handled. Outstanding production values.

Jathiratnalu, directed by Anudeep KV, was a box office success because the comedy worked, but it bombed on television and earned scathing criticism for its unnecessary comedy. He sought to entertain the audience once more with the same sort of humour; we’ll have to wait and see how this time’s theatregoers react to the picture.

Overall, Prince is just amusing for a few comic moments and is lacking in narrative and other areas.

Plus Points:

  • Few Comedy Scenes
  • Sivakarthikeya

Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Making
  • Unnecessary comedy

Rating: 2.75/5

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