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Love Today Movie Review: Tamil movie “Love Today” performed better than anticipated upon its release, taking in more than 50 crores globally. The film’s main producer, Dil Raju, bought the rights from the Tamil creators and intends to release it in Telugu. Today marks the release of this massively popular Tamil film in Telugu. To find out if the movie is enjoyable for native Telugu speakers, let’s take a deeper look.

Love Today Movie Review


Nikitha will be Uthaman Pradeep’s wife because he has always adored her. Unexpectedly, Nikita phones Pradeep to let him know she intends to approach her father for permission to get married. Pradeep learns through a strange visit to Nikitha’s house that her father won’t let them get married unless they put their phones away for a day. Although Pradeep and Nikitha may agree on the ground rules, they are soon discovering shocking things about one another.

Cast & Crew

Pradeep Ranganathan, Sathyaraj, Yogi Babu, Ivana, Radhika Sarathkumar, Raveena, Finally Bharath, Adithya Kathir, Aajeedh Khalique, Vijay Varadaraj, and Akshaya Udayakumar are just a few of the well-known performers who appear in Love Today. India is the main setting of the movie. The project was directed by Pradeep Ranganathan, and the producers included Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh, and Kalpathi S. Suresh. The film’s score was written by Yuvan Shankar Raja, and Dinesh Purushothaman was in charge of the photography.

Movie Name Love Today
Director Pradeep Ranganathan
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer Kalpathi S.Aghoram Kalpathi S.Ganesh Kalpathi S.Suresh
Genre Romance, Comedy, Drama
Cast Pradeep Ranganathan, Sathyaraj, Yogi Babu, Ivana, Radhika Sarathkumar, Raveena, Finally Bharath, Adithya Kathir, Aajeedh Khalique, Vijay Varadaraj, Akshaya Udayakumar
Cinematography Dinesh Purushothaman

Movie Verdict

As a result, Love Today’s situations will be relatable to all contemporary children. Viewers may identify with the characters and events since the humor is based on the notion that couples frequently keep information from one another. Even if the movie lacked its normal comic parts, the last few depressing sequences nonetheless succeeded in touching viewers’ hearts. This film contains poignant and thought-provoking scenes. However, the attention in the image remains constant throughout.

Despite giving a fantastic performance, Pradeep Ranganathan frequently had me picturing other performers from the movie like Dhanush and Prabhu Deva. Ivana exuded attractiveness on television and had excellent acting skills. Sathyaraj occasionally comes off as excessive, while other times, he gives a standout performance. Despite not having the same amount of recognition as their co-stars, audiences nonetheless praised Yogi Babu and Raveena Ravi for their acting skills. When Radhika Sarathkumar portrayed the hero’s mother in a few episodes, she amused the audience as well. Even the supporting cast members gave excellent performances.

The workmanship in Love Today is excellent. The soundtrack for the film was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, but it fell short of our high expectations. We need background music. The movie’s cinematography is excellent, and Dinesh Purushothaman does a terrific job as the director of photography. Pradeep E. Ragav does an excellent job at removing superfluous passages. The level of production is ideal for the narrative.

An outstanding job was done by director Pradeep Ranganathan in creating a movie that will appeal to today’s youngsters. Some of the jokes in the movie appear to have been taken directly from Instagram. Pradeep has succeeded where others have failed by fusing humour and sentiment in a universally applicable way.

Since Love Today is a romantic comedy, seeing the movie with friends is enjoyable.

Plus Points:

  • Comedy
  • Relatable scenes

Minus Points:

  • Telugu Dubbing (for a few characters)

Rating: 3/5

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