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Jhansi Telugu Web Series Review: The debut of Anjali’s Jhansi may now air on Disney + Hostar. Despite the fact that this is Anjali’s debut OTT series, she showed confidence in all advertising materials for the show. Many of the most popular episodes of the series involve action sequences never before seen in Anjali. Let’s go straight to the review’s meat and see if it’s worth your time.

Jhansi Telugu Web Series Review


The story focuses on Jhansi (Anjali), a strong young woman who struggles to overcome her challenging background. Even though she has no memory, her adversaries continue to seek and plot her death.

Cast & Crew

Anjali is the protagonist of the film, which also stars Mumaith Khan, Kalyan Master, Raj Arjun, Sharanya, and Samyuktha Horned with Anjali. Family Man web series action scenes are directed by Yannick Ben, along with Thiru and Arvind. The shows were produced by R. Krishna’s organization, Tribal Horse Entertainment.

Series Name Jhansi
Director Thiru
Music Director N/A
Producer R. Krishna
Genre Action
Cast Anjali, Mumaith Khan, Kalyan Master, Raj Arjun, Sharanya, and Samyuktha Hornad
Cinematography Arvind


I don’t believe any other Telugu action web series existed prior to Jhansi. It is remarkable that the show begins with Jhansi attempting to recall who she was prior to her memory loss. This sequence initially piqued our curiosity and drew us into Jhansi’s world, but I don’t believe viewers can remain there for long due to the weak plot of the series.

Anjali is a fascinating invention, but the show’s authors have a great deal of depth to explore that has not been effectively demonstrated. If she had better maintained her layers, her performance would have been increased. Fantastic action sequences in each episode will hold your attention, but if that’s all there is, it can be difficult to remain intrigued.

There are promising passages in each of the 10 episodes of this series, but only a handful of them pan out. The greatest flaw of the series is that the action tends to lag in the last episodes. Even Nonetheless, praise must be expressed for the action blocks’ great execution.

Chandni Chowdary’s role is little since she is not given many opportunities to shine; Adarsh’s character is extremely one-dimensional; nonetheless, the rest of the cast performed a wonderful job. Anjali, who portrays Jhansi, is multidimensional and complex, yet her emotional range is limited.

Though Thiru is a skilled writer, in a few episodes he failed to properly captivate his audience.

Jhansi excels in terms of production qualities; Aravind’s cinematography is excellent throughout the series, enticing viewers with his framing and shot compositions; the background score, while adequate, may be improved; and the rest of the technical crew performed an excellent job.

Plus Points:

  • Few episodes
  • Action


  • Routine Story
  • Predictable Screenplay
  • Lack emotions

Rating: 3/5

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