How to Vote for Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Contestants

How to Vote for Bigg Boss Season Tamil 6 Contestants: On October 4, 2022, the first episode of the sixth season of Bigg Boss Tamil will be shown. Kamal Hasan hosts. This program can be seen on Star Vijay on weeknights at 10 and on the weekends at 9. Streaming Disney+Hotstar is possible on all of your electronic devices, including your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Contestants

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Contestants

The process of elimination is the same as in previous seasons. Nominees are at risk. Your votes are the only thing that can save your preferred candidate. There are two different ways to vote in Bigg Boss 6.

Voting Via Disney+Hotstar App.

Using the Hotstar app, you are able to cast your vote. This is the method, in its entirety, of the Bigg Boss Tamil Voting process.

  • After downloading Disney+Hotstar, you’ll need to register your account by providing your name, email address, and/or phone number.
  • The Tamil version of Bigg Boss 6 is now accessible. The explanation will appear in a pop-up window. When you do, the voting window for today will open.
  • To cast your vote, simply click on the participant’s photo. Your machine is free of any problems.
  • Tap the rival that you like and want to keep as a competitor.
  • Vote for them every day of the week, Monday through Friday.

A call to the contestant’s phone that is ignored puts them in the running for the prize. Just one missed call is all it takes to eliminate your favorite competitor. All calls that go unanswered are recorded. You should try to spare as much of your preferred rival as you can. Cast as many votes as you can for the candidates you’re most interested in. Eight in the morning to twelve at night, Monday through Friday (EST). Vote as many times as you can to increase the odds of your preferred competitor coming out on top.
Unofficial websites allow users to vote for their favorite competitor, but those votes will not be counted if the competitor ends up losing. The previous season’s finale saw Sunny and Shanmukh earn lakhs of votes between the two of them. It is still unknown how many votes were cast for each candidate.

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