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Farida Abdullah’s Like Share and Subscribe Movie Review: The popularity of Santhosh Shoban’s films has occurred despite the fact that his film Ek Mini Katha was exclusively available via online streaming services. He used the funds to cast Venkatadri Express’s comedy specialist Merlapaka Gandi in his next film, Like Share and Subscribe. Now that the film has been released (on November 4, 2022), we can find out whether it’s worth our time by reading a comprehensive review.

Farida Abdullah's Like Share and Subscribe Movie Review


The narrative continues with how Viplav (Santhosh Shoban) and Vasudha (Farida Abdullah) became a couple while travelling. After meeting Viplav’s friend in the village, the plot took an unexpected turn as the three were embroiled in a local conflict with the Naxals. 

Cast & Crew

Santhosh Shoban and Farida Abdullah play the lead parts, while Sudharshan, Brahmaji, Naren, Mime Gopi, Govind Padmasurya, Sapthagiri, Babloo, Mirchi Kiran, and Phani play supporting roles. The director of the film was Merlapaka Gandhi. Composing the score were Ram Miriyala and Praveen Lakkaraju. A. Vasanth directed the camerawork. It was co-produced by Niharika Entertainments and Aamuktha Creations by Venkat Boyanapalli.

Movie Name Like Share and Subscribe
Director Merlapaka Gandhi
Music Director Praveen Lakkaraju
Producer Venkat Boyanapalli
Genre Comedy
Cast Santhosh Shoban, Farida Abdullah, Sudharshan, Brahmaji, Naren, Mime Gopi, Govind Padmasurya, Sapthagiri, Babloo, Mirchi Kiran, and Phani
Cinematography A Vasanth

Movie Verdict

Even though the tale isn’t particularly unique, the drawings of the characters will give you a novel impression. The film’s introduction is effective because it introduces all the important characters simultaneously, immediately drawing you into the story and making you feel like a part of it. Despite the fact that the tone and plot of the second half are briefly gloomy, the climax is funny. Nonetheless, there were some humorous moments in the first act.

As Vasuda, Farida was presented with a golden opportunity to demonstrate her worth, which she grasped with ease. Her comedic timing is also impeccable. And the rest of the actors did a fantastic job with characters like Sudharshan, Bramhaji, and Sapthagiri, whose backstories were all funny. Even though there are times when Santhosh Shoban’s acting as Viplav seems unremarkable, he nailed it overall.

Despite several issues in the second half of the film, Venkatadri Express, Merlapaka Gandhi’s debut feature, is a humorous comedy. Although he directed a few more films, none of them were box-office successes. Nevertheless, it appears probable that he will with the assistance of Like, Share, and Subscribe.

Technically speaking, Praveen Lakkaraju is one of the most undervalued composers because he composed some of the best music for several of Merlapaka Gandhi’s films, including one of the successful albums, Express Raja. However, the songs from Like Share and Subscribe and the background music in the film failed to attract attention. Like Share and Subscribe has good cinematography that may have been spectacular, whereas the cinematography in A Vasanth is only adequate.

Like, Share, and Subscribe is a funny action series that everyone may enjoy as a whole.

Plus Points:

  • Comedy
  • Characters Design

Minus Points:

  • Thin Storyline
  • Lacks Emotion

Rating: 3/5

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