Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube: We all know that most movies can be found for free on YouTube. YouTube has a lot of different things to watch. If you like horror movies but are tired of looking for new ones to watch, I’m here to help.

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube

This article talks about Telugu horror movies you can watch on YouTube.

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube

1) Pisachi (2015)

Pisachi, a horror film released in 2015, maybe viewed for free on YouTube.

Starring: Naga, Prayaga Martin, Radha Ravi and others.

Director: Mysskin


After Siddharth tries to save a girl who is struggling for her life, but she dies in his hands, Bhavani’s soul comes into his apartment and torments him.
The rest of the story finally tells us about Siddharth’s house.
Pisachi is a well-known movie because it was a huge hit and introduced a new kind of horror movie.
This scary movie is a must-see on YouTube.

2) Ezra (2017)

This year’s spooky thriller on YouTube is called Ezra.

Starring: Prithvi Raj Sukumaran, Priya Anand, Tovino Thomas

Director: Jay K


Ranjan and Priya Mathews, whose real names are Prithvi Raj and Priya Anand, have just moved from Mumbai to Kochi.
Mathews works for a company that ships things, though. Kochi, where they stay in an old house for the night. While they are there, some ghosts and otherworldly powers take over their lives.
Ranjan’s investigation of the case takes up the rest of the book.

3) The End (2014)

The end is Telugu horror movie of 2014 available on youtube.

Starring:Sudheer Reddy Yuva Chandra, Pavani, Gazal Somaiah and others.

Director: Rahul Sankrityan


Rajeev Mathews (Sudheer Reddy) and his wife Priya (Pavani Reddy) live in the old house on the edge of the city. Rajeev works as a software engineer and lives with his wife Priya.
But Gautham comes from Goa, and he sends Rajeev to the hospital. Rajeev then tells Priya that she’s been taken over by evil spirits. Priya is shocked to hear this news.
They went to the farmhouse to talk to Priya, but Rajeev killed her by accident, which changed the way things went.
The rest of the book is about how they get out of that horrible form house.
It’s important to pay attention to the most interesting parts of the movie. This is a chance you shouldn’t miss.

4) Mayuri (2015)

Mayuri is Telugu horror film of 2015 available on youtube.

Starring: Nayanathara and others

Director: Ashwin Saravanan


Mayuri (Nayanathtara) is a junior artist in commercials, but she is also a single mother who has trouble making ends meet. She wants to win 5 lakh rupees, though, so she decides to go to a theatre by herself and watch a scary movie. The twist in the story is that the things that happen in the movie are a lot like what she went through.
Is there a link between Mayuri’s real life and the movie? Where did she come from? Who is Maaya? What does she do? The story has more to it.
Mayuri was the biggest hit when it first came out, and horror fans everywhere had to see it. This is a chance you shouldn’t miss.

5) Lissa (2019)

Lisaa is a horror film of 2019 available on youtube.

Starring: Anjali, Makarand Deshpande,and others

Director: Raju Viswanath


Issa (Anjali) is afraid to move to the U.S. because of her single mother. In the U.S., Lissa wants to get married again, but her mother won’t let her.
After being forced to go to her grandparents’ village, Lissa tries to convince her mother that she should get married, but things go wrong.
How does she get herself out of this mess in the end? I want to know what’s wrong with her. Don’t miss it if you want to hear the rest of Lissa’s story.

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