Best Telugu Horror Movies in Netflix

Best Telugu Horror Movies on Netflix: In terms of quality and quantity, Netflix is renowned for its wide range of offerings. You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking Telugu horror films.

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Netflix

A list Eco-horror flick boomika is an adaptation of the Tamil film of 2021. of the best Telugu horror movies on Netflix is the subject of this article

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Netflix

1) Boomika (2021)

boomika is a Tamil eco-horror film of 2021 dubbed in Telugu.

Starring: Aishwarya Rajesh, Vidhu, Avantika Vandanapu

Director: Rathindran R.Prasad


Gautham buys land in Ooty in order to start a business. He plans to turn the land into an eco-resort. Gautham’s wife, Samyuktha, is also staying at the Ooty resort. Gayathri has been invited by Gautham.
During her stay, Gayathri starts sending texts to Krishna, a close friend who had already died.
Who is Krishna then? Not much is known about how they got out of the resort. There is still a lot to say about it.
The idea and plot of Boomika are very interesting, and they have to do with nature.
Check out this unique horror film.

2) Aaviri (2019)

2019’s Telugu horror film Aaviri is a work of art.

Starring: Ravi Babu, Neha Chauhan

Director: Ravi Babu


Rajkumar (Ravi Babu), his wife Leena (Neha Chauhan), and their two children move into an old house. Rajkumar’s older daughter died of asthma as a result, and his younger daughter started acting strangely. and seems to be able to talk to the dead.
What comes next is the rest of the story.
Ravi Babu’s scary movie Aaviri is not to be missed.

3) GameOver (2019)

The 2019 thriller-horror film GameOver is a must-see. This film is a must-see for thriller fans, and you won’t be disappointed.

Starring: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodhini, Parvathi T, Ramya Subramanian and others.

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Streaming On: Netflix


After several horrible murders happen in the city, the story introduces Swapna (Taapsee Pannu), a video game designer who lives alone and is afraid of the dark.
Swapna, on the other hand, is addicted to a game called GAME OVER, which requires her to go to a tattoo parlor and get a symbol for the game tattooed on her body.
After a lot of pain and a few scary dreams, she decides to get the tattoo taken off so she can finally figure out what it means.
So, what is still a mystery? In the rest of this story, there are more murders, but what do they have to do with Swapna’s?
When you watch GameOver, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. This movie has a lot to get people excited. This exciting thriller is now available to stream on Netflix. The story moves quickly and keeps you interested from beginning to end.

4) Andhakaram (2020)

2020’s Andhakaram is a horror/thriller with a twist. In spite of its plodding pace, Andhakaram is a film that will keep you riveted from beginning to end.

Starring: Arjun Das, Vinoth KIshan, Pooja Ramachandran

Director: V. Vignarajan


In this story, there are three main people. Arjun Das plays Vindo, a cricket coach who always feels like someone is in his room and sometimes thinks a ghost is around the corner. When Dr. Indran (Kumar Natarajan) meets Surya (Vinoth), they find out that Surya is blind, but that his father taught him some supernatural skills.
Even though the three main characters seem to have nothing in common at first glance, by the end of the movie they are all connected.
The rest of the story is about how they are related to each other and what they have in common.
The strange plot of the movie pulls you into the world of Andhakaram. As I’ve already said, the movie moves a little slowly, but it keeps you interested the whole time.
Andhakaram is a great Telugu thriller that you can watch on Netflix.

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