Best Telugu Dubbed Movies on Netflix (Recently Updated)

Best Telugu Dubbed Movies on NetflixThe international OTT network Netflix has been giving us a lot of content in a lot of different languages. In fact, it began with where it came from. So, active subscribers have access to everything. We can also get dubbed movies on Netflix. There are a lot of people who want to watch movies in languages other than their own, like English, Japanese, and others. So, the digital platform has films dubbed for its users.

Best Telugu Dubbed Movies on Netflix

Netflix has a large number of movies in many different languages. It has movies, documentaries, TV shows, and Netflix originals that have won awards. You can post anything you want at any time. We have made a list of the best Telugu-dubbed movies that have just come out on Netflix.

Best Telugu Dubbed Movies on Netflix

S.No Movie
1 Sarkar
2 Petta
3 The Old Guard
4 Axone
5 Queen
6 40-year-Old Virgin
7 Knocked UP
8 Catch Me IF You  Can
9 Dev D
10 Into The Wild
11 Capernaum
12 Bulbul
13 Kappela
14 Lost Bullet
15 Old guard
16 Project power
17 Sleepless
18 6 underground
19 Mechanic
20 Escape plan
21 London has fallen
22 Bady driver
23 Polar


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