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Ammu Movie Review: Aishwarya Lekshmi, who is unfamiliar to Telugu audiences, has appeared in a few dubbed films, including “Jagame Thandiram” and “Gargi.” She also starred alongside Satyadev in the recently released film “Godse.” Aishwarya Lekshmi and Naveen Chandra’s most recent film, “Ammu,” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. To establish whether this drama is worth streaming on Amazon Prime Video, let’s do a comprehensive analysis.

Ammu Movie Review


Amudha, commonly known as Ammu, develops romantic affection for police officer Ravi. She marries him and experiences a brief period of happiness. However, she observes a change in Ravi’s behavior a few days later. Ravi then begins torturing Ammu for ridiculous reasons. Ammu attempts to destroy Ravi’s future by compelling him to quit his job since she is fed up with domestic abuse and violence. The remainder of the narrative consists of subsequent events.

Cast & Crew

The Ammu Movie cast includes Aishwarya Lekshmi, Naveen Chandra, Bobby Simha, Maala Parvathi, Darbha Appaji Ambarisha, Raghu Babu, Satya Krishnan, Anjali Ameer, and Pramodhini, among others. The film’s director is Charukesh Sekar, and its producers are Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Kalyana Subramanian, and Karthik Subbaraj. Bharat Shankar created the soundtrack, and Apoorva Shaligram was in charge of filmmaking.

Movie Name Ammu
Director Charukesh Sekar
Music Director Bharat Shankar
Producer Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Kalyana Subramanian, Karthik Subbaraj
Genre Drama
Cast Aishwarya Lekshmi, Naveen Chandra, Bobby Simha, Maala Parvathi, Darbha Appaji Ambarisha, Raghu Babu, Satya Krishnan, Anjali Ameer, Pramodhini
Cinematography Apoorva Shaligram

Movie Verdict

The film Ammu explores an intriguing concept. Domestic violence affects the vast majority of Indian households. Several films have attempted to illustrate this point in a thought-provoking manner with a message, but the plot of Ammu is unique. It tries to educate women about their rights and remind them of their own capabilities and qualities. Many of the things we see in and around our families are analogous to actual occurrences.

By gradually presenting the characters and then focusing on their activities, the film Ammu achieves the required level of scene intensity. Despite a few scenes that may feel a bit drawn out, the film contains a number of noteworthy moments. In its conclusion, the film conveyed a strong message.

Ammu was portrayed by Aishwarya Lekshmi with an outstanding performance. In a number of instances, she was successful in evoking emotion. Naveen Chandra is a skilled Telugu actor who is underappreciated since he can play any given role. He performed admirably as the harsh police officer and spouse Ravi. Bobby Simha is a talented performer that is utilized extremely infrequently. Even if his screen time is limited, he will definitely leave a lasting impression as an actor. As required, all of the actors, including Maala Parvathi, Raghu Babu, and others, acted out the scenarios.

Ammu appears technically sound. The film’s background music and score were composed by Bharat Shankar. Apoorva Shaligram’s cinematography is adequate; she added some dark colors to the frames to evoke a genre-appropriate sense of gloom. The editing by Radha Sridhar is apparent. The plot of the film necessitates high production values, which are present.

Filmmaker Charukesh Sekar is partially successful in establishing the rarely-told tales of domestic abuse in Indian society, but he could have made the film more engaging to attract more spectators.

Overall, Ammu is a commendable effort with some touching passages. If you appreciate social dramas, you may stream this film on Amazon Prime.

Plus Points:

  • Story Point
  • Relatable scenes
  • Acting

Minus Points:

  • Few dragged scenes
  • Overdose of Drama (Few scenes)

Rating: 2.75/5

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