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Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo Review: A few months ago, a song about “Tirupati” was put on YouTube, and the Telugu audience was immediately drawn to it. Since then, the same production team has put up a trailer for a movie that was all shot in and around the city. The movie looked like it would be fun from the trailer, and the marketing team did a good job getting the word out before it came out. Let’s look at a review of the movie “Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo” to find out if it lives up to the hype.

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo Review


People in the middle class know Varadhi for selling idol frames. He’s in love with a girl, but her family won’t accept him because he doesn’t have enough money. Varadhi decides to take part in a heist so that he can get a lot of money quickly. However, his participation in the crime sets off a huge money chase that will change his life and the lives of others for good.

Cast & Crew

Allantha Dooramlo has a large group of actors, including Raavan Reddy, Sri Nikitha, Alankritha Sha, Ravindar Bommakanti, Prasad Behra, MS, Lahari Gudivada, Amruthavarshini Somisetty, and others. Cascade Pictures shows a movie that was made by Ramesh Dabbugottu, Reddy Rajendra P, and Anand J. It was directed by Anand J. The music was written by Phani Kalyan, and DGK was in charge of making the movie.

Movie Name Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo
Director Anand J
Music Director Phani Kalyan
Producer Ramesh Dabbugottu, Reddy Rajendra P
Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama
Cast Raavan Reddy, Sri Nikitha, Alankritha sha, Ravindar Bommakanti, Prasad Behra, MS, Lahari gudivada, Amruthavarshini Somisetty
Cinematography DGK

Movie Verdict

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo came out in theatres with little to no hype, and most of the actors were newcomers. However, the movie’s high production values make it hard to tell that it was made by newcomers. After a slow start, the movie really gets going when the main character decides to steal the money because he thinks it will make his life better in every way.

Even though the story isn’t very good in either half, the movie manages to keep us interested until the end with interesting scenes and twists we didn’t see coming.

Even though Raavan Reddy has only been in one movie (Pedavi Datani Matokatundi), he is a great actor. He has a complicated personality, which gives him a chance to grow. He had a great on-screen presence, which showed that he really cared about the role and acted in the right way for it. Sri Nikitha doesn’t have a lot to do in the play, but what she does is fine.

The actor who played the hero’s best friend was just as good at what he did. All of the supporting characters did a great job and moved the story forward.

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo looks fine from the outside. The beautiful performance of the popular song “Tirupati” and the strong score by Phani Kalyan stand out. The pictures could have been better, even though DGK is listed as the cinematographer. Satya Giduturi does a great job editing. The production is of low quality.

The director, Anand, does a great job of keeping the audience interested the whole time with his script and direction. Even though there are a few problems with the production, that’s to be expected since this is the first movie the director has ever made.

This weekend, you should definitely go see Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo if you can. If you go into this movie with an open mind, you’ll be happy with the acting and the way it was made.

Plus Points:

  • Hero Raavan Reddy
  • Plot

Minus Points:

  • Production Values
  • Cinematography

Rating: 2.75/5

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